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Sales & Service for Gas Pumps and Petroleum Tanks in Nanaimo

The last thing your customers want to see is an “Out of Service” sign at the pump. At Westech Maintenance & Repairs, we can repair your pumps any time, day or night. Our trained technicians will safely and quickly get you up and running again, minimizing downtime and keeping your customers happy. We can repair your entire system, including your hoses, nozzles, filters and petroleum tanks in Nanaimo.

Setting Up a Fuel Station?

Westech Maintenance & Repairs installs and services safe, reliable petroleum delivery systems in the entire Vancouver Island and BC mainland area. If you have a marina, retail site, convenience store or truck stop, we can set up a complete turnkey system that is suited to your individual business needs. Working together, we can assist with design, permits, site preparation, system installation and site restorations.

How Accurate Are Your Gas Pumps?

Westech Maintenance & Repairs can also inspect your system to make sure that fuel loss is minimized. If we find a source of seepage, we can repair or install new parts. With accurate pumps and up-to-date fuel management systems, your customers will get the gas they pay for, too. Regular maintenance, calibration and inspection will keep you within Measurement Canada’s 0.5% margin of error and help you avoid costly fines.

At Westech Maintenance & Repairs we’re available 24 hours a day, so contact us anytime.

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