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Gas Pump and Car Wash Sales in Nanaimo

Nanaimo-based Westech Maintenance & Repairs can keep your petroleum pumping and your car wash open for your Nanaimo customers. We can service and inspect all your fuel storage and delivery systems, whether they are above or below ground.

Our inspections and routine maintenance keep fuel loss to a minimum. Installing up-to-date gauging, meters and other equipment also helps to protect the environment by reducing overfills.

Westech Maintenance & Repairs are certified to install, repair and replace the following brands:

Clean Up in the Car Wash Industry

With a turnkey car wash system installed by Westech, you’ll bring in customers who pride themselves on clean, attractive cars. You’ll also be doing the planet a favour, because they use less water than at-home car washes and keep detergents and chemicals out of our water supply.

Contact Westech to find out more and get started.

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